In my post yesterday (read), I introduced you to the best of the best when it comes to carpets and rugs. The Giant in interior floor décor; the Numero Uno in the whole of West Africa, Nobel Carpets and Rugs; Makers of high quality, durable and classy designs of various types of carpet and rugs.

Today, I am going to write more on what really comes to mind when choosing the right carpet or rug with which to beautify your home with.

Believe it or not, the floor of your house tells a lot about your apartment silently than you could ever imagine. When you enter a room and feel the grittiness of sands or dirt under your foot; do you feel put off or cringe to the sensation? Do you feel welcomed in your own home?

Does seeing the little materials used in making your rug or carpet as they peel off and lay carelessly on your floor make you happy? And the ease at which the carpet tears open just as you were adjusting your center table; does it seem normal?

All of these are the vices that comes with purchasing cheap inferior floor coverings that won’t last or do you any good in the long run.

When choosing your carpet or rug, things that come to mind are Quality, Color, Affordability, Durability, Easy to clean and most importantly, awesome designs. Then comes the need to buy from a trusted name certified by ISO and known over the years to deliver nothing but the best.

That’s were Nobel Carpets and Rugs comes in. With over 250 distributors nationwide and 4 major warehouses around the country, they are guaranteed to give that your home the much needed touch up.


With a vast array of colorful designs and customizable carpets and rugs that are guaranteed to meet your taste and match the required interior color code of your home; Nobel Carpets and Rugs are undeniably the sure hub for sourcing your required floor cover.

It’s an undisputed fact that when you think of carpets and rugs, Nobel Carpets and Rugs comes to mind.

For more information, kindly visit;






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