Beautifying Your Home with Nobel Carpets and Rug


What informs your choice of interior décor? What really makes a particular room, apartment or maybe an office or auditorium stand out?

Is it the color combination? How the furniture or wall paintings/pictures are strategically placed? Is it the choice of fragrance that would caress the nostrils of your visitor? What is it that captures a visitor’s eyes when stepping into your home?

This all comes to mind when planning on furnishing an apartment but then, you want to make a statement or leave a lasting impression on whomever visits your home/office. You do not just need normal. You crave that extraordinary touch. That Midas magic…

Again and again you rack your brain to solve the dilemma, but really the answer is not that far-fetched.


Let me site an instance with a dear friend’s experience at a church that he attended sometime in April this year.

Well it was a sunny Sunday morning and we were at a park in Enugu; he was about to board a bus to Abuja (We attended a wedding the day before). While waiting for the bus to get filled up, we broke into a long conversation. Of all the things we discussed, he told one with all enthusiasm while I listened with rapt attention.

He told me about a certain church a friend invited him to attend. Meticulously he described how beautiful the church environment was, how well the ushers and hostesses were dressed and a whole lot of other things. But then he took his time to appreciate the rug used in this particular church interior floor décor.

He said there was none like it. It wasn’t just any conventional rug. It was stuff of class, quality and beauty. He described his experience so well that I started to form a mental picture of the scenario. Within me, I made a decision to visit the church when next I travel to Abuja. I wanted to; No, I craved to step on this particular rug that has got this my friend so intrigued. I wanted to experience this feeling first hand.


Now do you think such sweet memory will ever depart from this my friend’s life? That is what making an impact on your visitor entails. That’s the Midas touch right there.

This goes to say that the type of rug or carpet you have in your home/office or auditorium goes a long way to make an impression; No, to leave a lasting impression on your customers/friends/colleagues or even your boss’s life.

Now it is not just any rug or carpet out there that you can achieve this feat with. You need the best of them all. The best in terms of design, quality, durability whilst still maintaining that patriotic feeling of purchasing homemade goods.

This is where Nobel Carpets and Rugs comes in.


Nobel Carpets and Rugs is the number one Nigeria’s leading rug brand from the stables of Lucky Fibers Plc. They are the largest manufacturer of carpet and rugs in the whole of west Africa.  An ISO certified multi award winning company (awards won) that is committed to continuously offer consumers products of highest quality that meets international standards.

Their products which are environmental friendly have range for both commercial and residential purpose and are guaranteed to provide beauty, comfort and elegance to homes and offices of its consumers.

What about availability you say?

Nobel Carpets and Rugs has over 250 dealers nationwide and 4 major warehouses located in Kano, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos.

Now that you know the secret to creating an awesome apartment with an excellent floor décor that will leave that lasting impression on your visitor, why not go ahead and help yourself to some cool designs from Nobel Carpets and Rugs company where you are always guaranteed of affordable quality rug and carpet.


You can check them out at;





and get all the information you need first hand.

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