Artiste – Kiss Daniel

Album – New Era

Features – Sugar Boy.

Producers – MasterKraft, Young John, Jay Sleek, BeatBurx & KemzBeatz

Label – G-Worldwide (May,2016)

If you have been keen and observant on the recent internet buzz, you would’ve known that G-Worldwide act KISS DANIEL had an album launch party recently to celebrate the debut of his debut album titled NEW ERA.

The 20 track album has only one artist featured which is his label mate SugarBoy. Despite that, he managed to deliver an astounding “Love Potion” album.

This is a huge step for Kiss I must say because unlike most upcoming acts whose debut albums are usually filled with one feature or the other, he manages to pull it off with just one artist.

Anyways, I copped the album as well and about to drop my personal review of some songs on the album.



All God: Opening to a Young John beat, Kiss gives credits to God for his success thus far. This is evident in his lyrics “when am ballin, it’s all God oo/ when nothing dey/ it’s still God oo”.

Alone: ” storm is over now, listen to my story now” with this intro line, kiss summarized this number. The skit portrayed how hard it was for him getting to play at events as an upcoming artist; or so I think. The general message here is ‘believe in yourself and that easy does it.

Are You Alright: Well, ardent ears will detect the little tweak of beat from Alone to give this cool number. Anyways, this is the kinda song you jam to when you really want that “feel good” moment.

Duro: Yikes!!!! Kemsbeatz murdered on this beat meeeeen…. Damn!!! And trust ya boy Kiss Daniel to pull through… this number is just a pure “love portion”. That kinda jam you slot in when chilling with bae alone… lols.. Inna mean??? I rate this number 8/10… Ya, I did.

Ghetto Boys: Can anything go wrong with Kiss Daniel and Sugar Boy on a track??? Naa Meen…. From Raba to Molue.. its been pure synergy between this duo.. lovely rendition from these G-Worldwide acts.

Gobe: My second favorite song on the album… from the beat to the feel good easy flow by Vado himself… Ya, that’s Kiss Daniel’s alias now. Kiss talks on his struggles, his rise to fame, his overall life story.. Nice rendition.

Jombo: A potential hit track here… On a Pure monster beat by MasterKraft, kiss Daniel tells of his trials with one Amaka and Amaka’s parents….. Lyrics like ” your father is violent/ your mother is black belt, she sabi karate oo” gives an insight into the whole saga. All in all, the track is a hit ‘potentially’

Kudi: Am guessing Kudi broke his heart and on “February 24 kicked him out the door” but now “she is famzing on the internet” wanting to reconnect. Well the boy is saying, “I don’t want to be part of your life anymore”

All in all the album didn’t disappoint. It is a decent work of art from lyrical content to the instrumentals and the ability to pass across the respective messages in each tracks.


Producton: 7/10

Lyrics: 6/10

General: 7/10

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