Since his departure from Chocolate city record label, BrymO has been consistent in dropping albums that are globally acclaimed brilliant works of art. From Merchants, Dealers & Slaves to Tabula Rasa.

Following up on the trend and sticking to the things that works best for him, he released his fifth studio album (3rd since leaving Choc City) titled ‘Klitoris’ which is a Greek word for ‘Key’. It also doubles for the sensitive part of the female genitalia; thus explaining the reason for the internet uproar as BrymO announced the title of his album and also dropped the album art online among the ever conservative Nigerian Music industry. Despite the controversy surrounding the album, the work has been generally accepted.

Klitoris is a work dedicated mostly to a woman by the singer as its general message embodied in the album is Love. Lets get down to the track by track review of the songs……


Naked: A perfect kick off to the album. Brymo’s vocals delivery in tandem with Esse here is absolutely captivating, powerful, brilliant and deep. His striking lyrics “And it will be worth it, no I don’t deserve it, take all I have please, love me, leave me naked” one would say anchors the message embodied in the track. With a powerful beat and overall mastery, Brymo delivered class. A perfect loveable song to open the album with.

Dem dey go: Simple but yet classy production by Mikkyme Josses followed Brymo’s brilliance and crafty lyrics which mainly addresses the current boiling situation the country is facing.

Happy Memories: At first, the piano welcomes to an ambience nothing short of love, followed by the heavy distinct bass drum and hi hats; thus delivering a perfect beat worthy to receive the carefully laid down tale of a man’s longing for the happy memories of a long lost love which while it lasted was the happiest thing that happened to the couple.

Ko S’aya mi: A nice creative soulful track with clear poetic justice delivered on it. Majorly an album filler.

Alajo Shomolu: A playful mid-tempo track which will surely have both old and young grooving to the song as Brymo employs his story telling prowess on the song. The track embodies a message which is; hard work does pay off. Brilliant piece.

Something Good Is Happening: An amazing fusion of Rock and Juju, and he murdered it with his vocal dexterity. Major upbeat vibe amazingly delivered. The kinda jam you slam in the morning before heading out.…Something good is happening… a way of saying brace up for this is just the start of BRYMO!!!

Billion Naira Dream: My personal favorite song on the album. An inspirational song that will surely appeal to all success driven individual, rekindling lost hopes and aspirations whilst maintaining his slow/mid-tempo beat. Truly “the future you speak of is here

Lets Make Love: As the name of this track states, so is the track. Sensuality penned down and gracefully laid on a soulful beat. Rich content with deep meaning.

Mirage: An excellent romantic piece. Mirage, that kinda song that will go well at that cuddle moment with your partner whilst reassuring her of your love and commitment. “Let us get high and fall from the sky, maybe we will grow wings, maybe we wil not”. Wonderful piece…

The Way The Cookie Crumbles: Brymo proves that he is mastery personified on this well constructed reggae and electro beat… goes all the way to ‘wow’ with his soulful voice, having fun on the beat whilst pushing his message across.

The Girl From New York: Borders on a certain girl from New York who is prying into his life and on how much he has. A perfect epilogue to the album. one may say it’s an album filler as the song lasted 1.13 sec.

Haven gone through this amazing piece of work, I must say Mikkyme Joses didn’t fail in providing us with amazing beats only BrymO can lycically murder whilst still passing his message in each track. I can assure you that this is an album worth buying as I don’t see the possibility of it fading soon. Its evergreen every time its comes on.


Production: 6/10

Lyrics: 8/10

General : 8/10 ‘AMAZING’


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