Jasen Blu Shares ‘The Prelude’ To Debut Album

Uprising R&B specialist Jasën Blu raised the sweet suspense on his debut project today as he delivers a sultry, out-of-the-blue teaser to his upcoming album. The rather elusive singer, songwriter & record producer shared a taste of his recent efforts aptly titled "The Prelude", which he intends to give the audience a Blu-angled insight into the impending new R&B while apologising for the several delays to its release.

In his own words, "This album is the finest thing I’ve been able to accomplish with the music so far. It’s a true scenario of sensual human attractions, vulnerability, insecurity, guilt, forgiveness and love that characterize our various relationships as young people, which I was able to weave into a hopefully timeless record with the help of some awesomely talented friends and of course, your support and encouragement. It is just GREAT, BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, neither foreign nor local, designed solely for your mind, your singular enjoyment and reflection. It’s my own personal sonical approach to my beloved genre of R&B, sprinkled with a lot of solid influences from a wide range of other genres."

Apparently "The Prelude" should not be confused for an official single, because he further explains, "The Prelude is a song from the album…which will give you a minute and twenty seconds of insight into the undelying plot, sound and quality of what is to come as soon as I’m able to make every necessary move to ensure a successful release. I’d like for you to listen carefully to every word and sound, digest the idea and join me in looking forward to a great moment in African music history."

On "The Prelude", Jasën Blu delivers an absolutely smooth, Soul-fueled R&B performance in a way only he could have done it: in a flawlessly melodic Pidgin English rendition, narrated from the perspective of an discontented side-chick. Preceeded by a dark but soft ambience, the song (produced by Blu himself for his MentalMagiQ outfit) builds through almost a minute and half of new-wave soul, up to a bluesy-jazzy climax that quickly reminds you, almost painfully, that you’re actually listening to the teaser to a potentially epic record.

Hopefully, Jasen Blu lives up to his promises and prospects as we witness the rise of a great talent.

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