The Five States that funded APC and their Huge Debt Profiles


It is an open secret that the five governors that funded the activities of the APC the most over the course of the last two years were those of Lagos, Rivers, Kano, Osun, Rivers and Imo – and it is very apparent from the challenges those states are facing today that “the monies meant for the development of these states were not judiciously used for the betterment of those states” – see how they place below:

  1. LAGOS: While Fashola only inherited a debt profile of N15bn from Tinubu, he left state with a debt profile of N418bn even as his government could not complete the three biggest projects it embarked upon – with which it made so much noise and secured so much political capital at home and abroad – none of them even to 50% stage before leaving office – being [a] Lagos-Epe Expressway [b] Lagos-Badagry Expressway + Mono…

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