ImageYesterday, June 8 is recognized in some parts of the world as the BEST FRIEND’S DAY. A day to honor that one special person you call your best friend. Funny enough for people like me I don’t have one best friend at any given time, I can have three best friends at a time.

Conversely, nowadays, people have what they call ‘Best Friend Forever’; as a product of the old school, I have no such person in my life. My best friends change with time, distance, location, interest and alliance. Infact there are some periods in my life when I don’t have a best friend, I simply convert myself to my best friend – I become my own best friend!

ImageBut then for most people, they have that one close friend, that one you can count on to be there for you; the one you want to share secrets with; the one you want to just hang out with, that one person is your best friend.

It is worthy to note that best friends share extremely strong inter personal ties with each other. For me, some of the things, I know or do today, I learnt from my best friends. A best friend once taught me mathematics in secondary school while I got her grounded in English Language. A best friend taught me how to dress quite fashionably. A best friend lighted my first blunt. Another best friend (this one knows himself) introduced me to Eminem’s music. A best friend taught me how I could spend my transport fare and trek from command in 82 Division to North 2nd in Trans Ekulu. A best friend introduced me to Facebook while I introduced him to Myspace. And yes oh, many guys here would agree that they never bought the first condoms they used; a best friend gave it to them. The nicknames you bear today were probably given to you by your best friends!

When it hurts to look back and you’re scared to look ahead, you can look besides you and your best friend will be there – Anonymous.Image

Many of us may have been separated from some of our best friends by distance, jobs, family, and business e.t.c. Take a time out today to buzz him/her; pay them a visit; grab a lunch, see a movie or catch up on Skype!

To all my best friends from time immemorial till date, I want to appreciate you all for your roles in my life at one point or the other.